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What You Need to Know When Pitching to the Media

Have a great idea, invention, new business or event you want to promote and highlight in the news but feel like you aren't being heard? Maybe you don't know how to get your thought out to the specific group you're trying to reach?!

Here are five quick tips that will help you pitch your idea to the media:

1. Determine the tone of your article or press release.

Do your research. If you are looking to have your article published in more than one publication, make sure that your content speaks to the reader. Yes, you are pitching to a writer or editor, but do your research and determine the tone of that specific publication you are wanting to be featured in. Are you writing a serious piece or something light-hearted?

2. Get your point across within the first paragraph.

The world of journalism and news is changing and evolving daily with the use of heavy multimedia. If you are submitting content to a writer, they are looking to literally copy and paste what you have shared with them. Make sure your writing is concise, to the point and press ready. Every writer wants to say that they published an awesome story. Don’t hinder getting your news published by submitting a press release with unanswered questions and no use of visuals. This will slow the writer down and most likely place your story in a file or prolong it being placed in current news.

3. Be relatable to the publication you are pitching to.

Use literary terms or jargon that relates to the industry related to whatever it is you are pitching. More than likely, the person reading your article will be familiar with the subject matter or wants to learn something from what you have written.

4. Provide familiarity or references in your pitch.

If you are new to pitching and do not have a network of publications that are familiar with you, provide references to other articles you may have written in your closing or within the pitch if it is related to a subject matter you have spoken about previously. If you haven’t been referenced in a publication before, provide your website link with a short ABOUT US boiler plate.

5. Be consistent

News is rapid. Know that every media outlet is different and is always looking for something new, fresh and ready to share with the universe. If you do not have representation and may be new to pitching, be consistent in getting to know and build relationships. Test your skills, see if you will receive feedback from a publication based on one of your evergreen stories.

Lastly, don't be discouraged if your news is not being picked up. There is no guarantee that your story will be placed, so keep writing and tell your own story. That is the biggest win for your business or for whatever initiative you are promoting.

If you want to know more about press writing, pitching to the media and different ways to have your writing featured, send us an e-mail.

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