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6 Things to Consider when Preparing your Spring Wardrobe!

1. Get rid of any item that you no longer wear whether it be too big or too small.

2. If you purchased a piece of clothing a year ago and the tag is still on it, you don't need it! Usually this means you purchased it because you thought this year you'd be able to fit into it... the thrill is gone!

3. Stop cluttering your closet with pretty patterns that you can no longer wear or is now outdated.

4. Share your gently worn garments you no longer need with a friend or someone in need.

5. After removing the old items from your closet, bring in Spring wardrobe staple items that you can mix and match for the season.

6. Over the Spring season, add colorful patterns, textures and accent jewelry to embellish your wardrobe.

How can you accomplish this?! Let CouturePR revive your wardrobe with a little CPR! It's always easier to relinquish those unnecessary garments to someone that's not so attached to them

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